Evaluating the Blogging Challenge

Challenge 10 Activity 1. I think 2 weeks is enough time to sign up before the first challenge begins.Registration; I don’t think 2 weeks is to much time where people are waiting for it to start, but also it doesn’t start to early after you sign up. Subscription: I did not sign up for subscription because I did not think it was useful when my teacher has the challenges up on her blog. Student and class pages: I thought having the link to the student and class blogs was useful so I could go there and find a blog I wanted to comment on. The challenges: I visited both, I would visit the class blog to get a general idea on what I was doing then I would go to the blogging challenge to get more information. I thought the most useful challenges were the ones on how to either get widgets or get pictures and giving attribution. The most interesting challenges were the ones that I got to post sentences using only pictures or ones I got to talk about myself. I would probably include summer or my friends in future topics like for this summer. I don’t think the challenges would have to be more explanatory because most people are doing this in class and can ask for help on the thing they don’t know how to do. I think the ” visit these” posts were useful because if I didn’t understand the people who had good posts on the subject were usually helpful. I didn’t really e,bed that much, but when I did I think it made it more interesting. In my class I don’t think I had enough opportunities to comment on other people’s blog, but if I was at home and doing the challenges I would go and comment on other people’s blog. I think most of the challenges were more individual not really meant for classes. I think the challenges were fun to do and I’m hoping I can do it next year!

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